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We are a Full custom shop located in Orlando, FL. Although Aftershock is a relatively new company we are not new to the industry or woodworking and finishing. 3rd generation builder ,finisher and Owner, Brandon Blankenship started helping his dad in his cabinet shop when he was 5 years old. And has been in the industry ever since. that was 32 years ago.  Woodworking is in his blood, Even the name Blankenship itself was derived from skilled craftsmen who built "Ships" and worked with wood planks. thus where the name Blankenship was derived. We are carrying that torch on today and concentrating on quality, hand built Old world Craftsmanship.  We have a passion for what we do, and for music. Brandon has been playing guitar for 23 years and has always been striving for the best sound possible. Always expiermenting with speakers,cabinets,amps, effects, pedals trying to satisfy his quest for great tone and a personalized setup that made a statement and not just playing what everybody else was playing.  In 2007 he decided to build his own speaker cabinets putting to use his skills to create a better speaker cabinet and also  his relentless desire for design and style, Not being happy playing the same old boring, stock, black tolex cabinets everybody else had. He wanted more color, choices, and options.  When you use one of our products you not only are getting generations of woodworking skill and quality, the best sound and materials available, but also endless options to make your cabinet truly unique and personalized to you, a one of a kind.  When you work with us, it is exactly that, You will have a one on one relationship the whole way through the process. We make sure you are getting exactly what you want and are nothing but blown away by our products.

All cabinet designs are owned and are the sole property of Aftershock Designs. Any designs including LED placement    and LED design copied or replicated are not
authorized by Aftershock Designs. Legal action will be pursued against anyone replicating these designs. There is only one Aftershock.
Copyright (c) 2012 Aftershock Designs. All rights reserved.

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All Designs and LED integration  are the property of Aftershock Designs LLC.  Any duplication is forbidden. No Returns or Refunds on custom made items. Damage Claims will be filed with shipper.  defective items replaced.